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Argentine War Memorial in the Falklands vandalised

I fully agree but I have to say that my first thoughts were that it was done by Argentinians to stoke the fire and feed the flames on the mainland.

I can’t think why anyone would do such a thing who’s there.

Given the attempts of KFC and co to whip up a political frenzy, the possibility of it being the work of an Agent Provocateur must be considered.

Could the ‘blows’ have been made by a hockey stick?

It was Jim Shortt.


I’d be very surprised if this was a local.
They may have their faults, but the have always show respect to the Argentine war graves and been able to make the differentiation between the poor sods who got killed and the Junta that sent them there.

I wholeheartedly agree – The Argies who died need their respects paying to them as well. But it doesn’t make total sense, as to put it on land that realistically, the families might not feel comfortable to visit and see the memorial.

I guess their families were proud at the time, fighting for land what they believed was there’s, now I bet they couldn’t give 2 shits about the Falklands and they’re more bothered about the fact they lost a son/brother/husband.

Apart from the odd one who’s a nutcase and still backs their insane parliment.

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