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Another joker votes for Jeremy Corbyn

After a number of pranksters attempted to infiltrate Labour s voting system, the party had to take extreme steps in order to weed out these chancers. One joker who won t be prevented from voting for Corbyn is Josie Long. The award-winning stand-up comedian joined the leadership hopeful last night at his Arts for Everyone event:

Prior to attending the event, Long explained on Twitter why she has become a Corbynista, but said she has doubts about how much sway she has since the country is governed by Tories and she has always voted left. If I had any political influence we wouldn t have a Tory government, she muses:

Long may be on to something about her lack of sway. The charming comedian has been vocal about her hatred for the Tories and more specifically Margaret Thatcher in the past. Earlier this summer she backed plans for an anti-Thatcher museum to open in London, adding that she hoped the official Thatcher Centre would fall into a mine:

Still, at least she will be on hand to provide some light entertainment at future Labour fundraisers:

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