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Badass sheep promoted to lance corporal in the British Army

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Badass Sheep Promoted To Lance Corporal In The British ArmyLance Corporal Derby commands some serious respect in his regiment. Badass Sheep Promoted To Lance Corporal In The British Army

By Sam Haysom2015-09-03 12:45:41 UTC

LONDON You know that feeling you sometimes get when you look around at people your age who are much more successful than you? That strange mixture of frustrated awe and jealousy? Well imagine how your average farmyard sheep feels when he casts his dopey eyes on Lance Corporal Derby XXX the newly promoted ram taking Her Majesty’s Armyrats © military by storm. The woolly lance corporal, who is part of the Mercian Regiment, was promoted from private on Tuesday following the Formation Day parade in Chester.

Here he is leading the parade, like a four-legged boss. Lance Corporal Derby XXX, a Swaledale ram, is actually the 30th in a long line of fleecy mascots running back to the mid-19th century. He was introduced to his unit in 2014 as a private. Following his promotion he is “now entitled to wear a single stripe on his uniform.”

Just look at how serious he looks. A true professional. Image: Facebook The Mercian Regiment

Badass Sheep Promoted To Lance Corporal In The British Army

Here he is conferring with his fellow officers.

The Mercian Unit’s mascot is officially classed as a soldier, according to the BBC[1], and was apparently promoted for “good behaviour.”

Lance Corporal Derby XXX was unavailable for comment.

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