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BREAKING: British Islamic State fighter killed in RAF drone strike

A BRITISH Islamic State fighter was killed in an RAF drone strike, the Prime Minister has revealed.

BREAKING: British Islamic State Fighter Killed In RAF Drone StrikeIG

KILLED: Reyaad Khan was killed by a British drone

David Cameron revealed Reyaad Khan, of Cardiff, was one of three terrorists taken out by a remote controlled aircraft in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria. It is first time the British Armyrats © military has admitted killing a fighter in a country with which we are not at war. But the Prime Minister said the secret strike on August 21 was self-defence as Khan also known as Abu Dujana was plotting attacks in the UK.

He said: “My first duty as Prime Minister is to keep the British people safe.

“That’s what I will always do.

“There was a terrorist directing murder on our streets and there was no other way to stop him.

“This government does not for one minute take these decisions lightly but I’m not prepared to stand here in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on our streets and have to explain to the house why I didn’t take the chance to prevent it when I could have done.”

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