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Dominica’s Prime Minister thanks U.S. and British governments for support

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This morning the Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit thanked[1] the United States and British governments for their assistance with relief items and personnel following Tropical Storm Erika[2] that hit in the Caribbean Islands late last month. Erika was the deadliest storm to hit the tiny island nation, located in the Lesser Antilles, since Hurricane David in 1979. Twenty people died[3] as a result of the fierce storm. September 2, Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Lyme Bay,[4] a British landing ship dock arrived with 150 personnel on board to establish temporary water systems. The support ship was asked to respond by the Department for International Development. Immediate needs, in addition to getting fresh water to the Islanders, were assistance with mudslide cleanup and reestablishing transportation routes that had been wiped out in the storm.

RFA Lyme Bay had spent the last two months in various overseas territories cruising the seas to provide “first response” in case of a disaster. According to the official website,[5] RFA Lyme Bay is designed to land large numbers of troops and equipment onshore. In June, the ship was fully loaded with disaster relief stores (food, water, and medical supplies). Eleven members of the United States Coast Guard also responded to the island, teaming up with the British Army. The Spanish were the first explorers to discover Dominica[6] but later the island was colonized by the French. Great Britain claimed the island in 1763. Independence from all other nations was established in 1978. Although English is the official language of the mixed culture nation, the British Crown is not the head of state. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has held the nation’s highest position since 2004.


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