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DSEI 2015: Training costs for British Army

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DSEI 2015: Training costs for British Army

17th September 2015 – 14:21 by Tim Fish in London
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DSEI 2015: Training Costs For British Army

The costs of training for the British Army during FY14/15 have been revealed following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request by Shephard to the UK MoD. Details of the amount spent on unit training exercises known as Collective Training (CT) has been provided for CT levels three and four, which include combined arms joint (process and procedure) training and combined arms joint (outputs and activity based) training. The total cost of exercises for the Field Army and 16 Air Assault Brigade for FY14/15 is 90.9 million.

This amount does not reflect additional funding for allowances, training estate infrastructure, or equipment spares. The first sets of exercises were the Askari Storm series held in Kenya for infantry training, which are broken down into their six parts: Exercise Askari Storm 1 cost 4.5 million; Askari Storm 2 cost 513,195; Askari Storm 3 cost 4.7 million; Askari Storm 4 cost 4.8 million; Askari Storm 5 cost 4.9 million; and Askari Storm 6 cost 4.9 million. The second sets of exercises were the four Prairie Storm exercises held in Canada for armoured trainng, using the British Army Training Unit Suffied (BATUS): Prairie Storm 1 cost 10.2 million; Prairie Storm 2 cost 15.2 million; Prairie Storm 3 cost 15.5 million; and Prairie Storm 4 cost 4.7 million.

The third sets of exercises were the Wessex Storm series that focused on battle group training at brigade level on Salisbury Plain. It focused on fighting in built-up areas as well as forestland, CBRN and CASEVAC without helicopters. Wessex Storm 2 cost 3.9 million; Wessex Storm 3 cost 927,625; and Wessex Storm 4 cost 3.9 million. The FOI stated that Combined Arms Staff Training x 23 cost 613,074; Exercise Crimson Eagle 14 using Apache helicopters held in Arizona with the US 1st Marine Expeditionary Force cost 7.6 million; and the UK-US-Jordanian tri-lateral Exercise Shamal Storm cost 4.2 million. The cost of CT below level 3 is not held. This includes Special to Army Training up to troop or platoon level, which is CT1 and Special to Army Training up to sub-unit level, which is CT2.

The FOI response stated: Training at these levels is often conducted by units during the same exercise in order to ensure resources are used in the most efficient way possible and therefore cannot be broken down into discrete packages.

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