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Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27916

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BD Rating Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Good morning from South Staffs on the first Friday of Autumn, and a fine one it is. I found today s Giovanni slightly easier than last week at the top end of ** difficulty. Any obscurities are relieved, as usual, by totally fair cluing. In the hints below, the definitions are underlined. The answers are hidden under the Click here! buttons, so don t click if you don t want to see them.

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1a The Parisian should be held in scorn, journalist considered (12)
CONTEMPLATED Put one of the forms of the French definite article inside a word for scorn, then add the usual journalist.

9a Worry about a group of soldiers (4)
CARE The Latin abbreviation for about or approximately, followed by the initials of an engineer regiment of the British Army.

10a Ruler had meal behind shelter by river (9)
POTENTATE Put together an Italian river, a canvas shelter, and had meal .

12a Bad people not right at the outset, beasts (6)
OTTERS Remove the original R(ight) from some bad people, to get some river-dwelling mammals.

DT 27916 Big Dave's Crossword Blog

13a For example, backward-looking tyrant confronting American liberal (8)
GENEROUS Reverse (backward-looking) the Latin abbreviation for for example , add a Roman tyrant and an abbreviation for American.

15a Mum joins team of west London rowers one to fill up the number? (4-6)
MAKE WEIGHT Start with another word for Mum, then add what, if split (3,5) could be a team of oarsmen in the part of West London where a famous botanic garden is to be found.

16a Place of vice probed by a cleric (4)
DEAN A (from the clue) inside a of vice.

18a Refusal to take a husband as a man coming to the rescue (4)
NOAH A word of refusal followed by A (from the clue) and Husband, to get the chap who saved his immediate family and a lot of livestock from drowning in a Biblical flood.

DT 27916 Big Dave's Crossword Blog

20a Hippy perhaps full and rich in tone (4-6)
PEAR-SHAPED Double definition: someone who is wider in the hips than the rest of the body; or, according to the BRB, of a mellow, resonant, non-nasal vocal quality. That second definition is a new one on me.

23a Decidedly trendy items in the garden shed (2,6)
IN SPADES A word for trendy or fashionable followed by some tools which may be found in a garden shed.

24a Man came down with old wife (6)
FELLOW Came down or tripped over followed by Old Wife.

26a Attire for cur(ate) (3,6)
DOG COLLAR Something which may worn by a priest or a pet.

27a Fish had to be disposed of here? (4)
DOCK Remove HAD from the name of a fish to get the place where a cargo of fish would be unloaded and sold.

28a Our sister is transformed by a thousand cosmetic products (12)
MOISTURISERS The Roman numeral for a thousand followed by an anagram (transformed) or OUR SISTER IS.


2d Numerical choice for a few (3,2,3)
ONE OR TWO A choice from a pair of small numbers.

3d Record run may end with it collapsing (4)
TAPE A method of sound or video recording which is also the thing stretched across the track at the end of a race.

4d Mountain stuff, something hard (10)
MATTERHORN A generic word for stuff followed by some hard, keratinous stuff.

DT 27916 Big Dave's Crossword Blog

5d Like some gentry brought down (6)
LANDED Double definition: some gentry with country estates; or brought down an aircraft safely.

6d Unusual Easter egg being hidden in that shrub (3,4)
TEA ROSE Anagram (unusual) of EASTER with an egg-shaped letter inserted.

DT 27916 Big Dave's Crossword Blog

7d Rebuking action of person in informal attire (8,4)
DRESSING DOWN A telling-off which is also what people do if they come to the office in casual clothes (typically on a Friday)

8d Composer showing second-rate skill satisfactory (6)
BARTOK Put together a letter indicating second-rate , a skill, and an expression meaning satisfactory, to get a Hungarian composer who died in 1945.

DT 27916 Big Dave's Crossword Blog

11d Judgment of Conqueror possibly who made many laugh! (6,6)
NORMAN WISDOM An adjective describing the people William the Conqueror came from, a a word for judgment or sagacity, giving you Enver Hoxha s favourite comedian.

14d Plonk down here? (4,6)
WINE CELLAR A cryptic definition of where you may keep your drink supply (especially if it s better than plonk).

17d Little beast, the German seen to be more crafty (8)
SHREWDER A small mammal followed by one of the forms of the definite article in German.

19d Weapon demonstrated in class again (7)
ASSAGAI Hidden (demonstrated) in the clue. An alternative spelling is more common.

21d Dad wants ornamental fabric in splendid home (6)
PALACE The Dad who goes with the Mum in 15a, and some ornamental fabric with lots of holes in.

22d Weird football organisation dealt with heavy defeat (3-3)
FAR-OUT The initials of the authority which presides over football in England, followed by a heavy defeat in battle.

25d Fighting members (4)
ARMS Some members of the body which are also used for fighting.

The Quick Crossword pun BECKONS + FIELD = BEACONSFIELD

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