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Esterline to provide rugged vetronics displays for British Army Scout armored …

Esterline To Provide Rugged Vetronics Displays For British Army Scout Armored ...

Esterline To Provide Rugged Vetronics Displays For British Army Scout Armored ...BELLEVUE, Wash., 14 Sept. 2015. Vetronics[1] designers at General Dynamics UK Ltd. in Blackwood, England, needed rugged displays[2] and video-processing units for the Scout Specialist Vehicle (SV) that General Dynamics is designing for the British Army. They found their solution from Esterline Corp. in Bellevue, Wash.

Esterline officials have announced that General Dynamics UK are choosing the Esterline Codis turret crew-station displays, triple-head driver’s displays, and specialized video-processing hardware for a total contract value of $21 million over seven years. Scout SV will be a agile, tracked, medium-weight armored fighting vehicle with an open-systems architecture of sensors networked on Gigabit Ethernet open architecture for intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) applications. The scout’s onboard networked sensors and computers will enable the vehicle to capture, analyze, manipulate, store, and share more than 6 terabytes of intelligence data, including still images and video. Scout SV crews will provide commanders with decision-making support now available only from manned and unmanned ISTAR aircraft.

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Esterline will provide the Codis TX-335S turret crew-station displays to present Scout gunners and commanders with logistics, mission-system and gun-control information; the Codis TX-321S triple-head driver’s displays to render a near-seamless 120-degree image of the route with selectable front or rear view in day or night vision; and Codis VPU-101 video-processing units to receive and interpret data from several vehicle-mounted sensors, then process, reformat and distribute it to displays, Esterline officials say.

Hardware deliveries will begin in 2016. Esterline will manufacture the Codis hardware in its Kortrijk, Belgium facility. General Dynamics UK won a contract in 2010 to design the Scout SV, and won another contract in September 2014 to build the 589 Scout SV variants for the British Army.

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For more information contact Esterline online at[4], or General Dynamics UK at[5].


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