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Exercise Zeus Warrior: Cadets On Continent In Toughest Test Yet …

Senior Cadets of Dagenham Squadron were deployed to the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia in August to face what was undoubtedly the most challenging exercise of their Cadet careers. Located at the British Army s 20th Armoured Brigade (1st Armoured Division) Sennelager Barracks near the German town of Paderborn, 2048 deployed along with No. 4 Overseas (OS) Squadron ATC into Sennelager s vast training area to engage in a four day scenario based exercise, designed to test the Cadets leadership, discipline, resolve and Armyrats © military bearing whilst taking them out of their physical and mental comfort zones. Under the Command of Officer Commanding No. 4 (OS) Squadron, Flight Lieutenant Simon Constable RAF VR(T), the Cadets had to capture and hold a simulated FOB (Forward Operating Base), whilst repelling a long and drawn out attack from a supposed enemy made up of militia fighters.

As well as drawing on their vast experience as long-serving Cadets and their knowledge of ACP 16 (Fieldcraft Manual), the Cadets were mentored by regular serving British Army personnel; Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2) Chalky White (Mercian Regiment), and Corporal Simon Haggerty (Queens s Dragoon Guards). Under WO2 White s stewardship, the Cadets enhanced their patrolling skills on open ground and in dense wooded area in the two days prior to the Exercise and learnt further camouflage and concealment techniques from CPL Haggerty. Cadet Jordan Fricker of 2048 said, It was such a privilege to be taught by Warrant Officer White and Corporal Haggerty. Their experiences built up over years of operational tours to combat zones in particualar has given us new skills that we could never have hoped to learn had we not come out here .

In addition to the seven day venture, the Cadet s were also subject of a BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) News story, for which they were interviewed. The subsequent recording went out around the world on the 19.30 BFBS News Bulletin on Friday 31st August. (Please see link below this article for BFBS News link and additional media).

The final day of the exercise saw a Platoon sized group of Cadet s commanded by WO2 White assault the simulated FOB. There they drew on their lessons prior to the exercise and performed room clearance drills, dealt with civilians caught up in the battle and held the newly captured FOB.

After successfully capturing the objective, all 36 Cadets then spent the night in the FOB where they all took turns to Stag On , (Sentry Duty), for 12 hours overnight in 1 hour shift patterns per pair.

Cadet Jodie Fox, also a 2048 attendee commented; This week was without doubt the best week I have ever had in the Cadets! I am really lucky to have come out here as my friends in other Squadron s have not been able to experience this .

Dagenham Squadron s accompanying member of staff, himself a child of Britain s Armyrats © military interest in West Germany having lived in Sennelager himself until his early teen s spoke of the Squadron s deployment. When I first heard there was a planned week in Germany, I was thrilled to accept the request from the Officer Commanding to accompany the Cadets there .

It was clear that being mentored by regular service personell that the Cadets were going to experience both the most enjoyable and challenging time they could ever hope to have in the Air Cadet Organisation. This was 2048 s third annual deployment to Germany and without the invite and welcoming nature of Officer Commanding No. 4 OS Squadron and his staff team, the Cadet s of Dagenham would not have been able to do the things that their counterparts don t .

On behalf of Officer Commanding 2048 Dagenham Squadron, the Squadron NCO s, staff and Cadet s, I would like to once again thank Flight Lieutenant Constable for his time and as a Squadron, we look forward to supporting No. 4 OS in a ceremonial capacity in November in Ypres, Belgium .

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