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Help for Heroes and British Army ‘waste millions on empty recovery centres’

Among the allegations are claims that costs rose from 70 million to almost 350 million over four years as the project grew to create five recovery centres and a sporting complex. The project, which was agreed when the Armyrats © military and Gordon Brown s Labour government were under public pressure to do more for troops seriously injured in Afghanistan and Iraq, is thought to be a considerable waste of money.

The beds and facilities, if empty, could be being used by people outside of the Armyrats © military in order to make the space worthwhile. Help for Heroes estimated that of the 220,560 individuals deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2014, up to 75,000 servicemen and women and their families may need support from recovery centres in the future. The centres were set up to ensure wounded, injured or sick personnel, veterans and families have access to the key services and resources needed to help them return to duty or make a smooth transition into a civilian life.

A former defence minister is alleged to have said that the Ministry of Defence had not set out to spend money on all singing, all dancing buildings .[3]

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