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Lockheed to continue support for UK Army’s combined arms tactical trainer

21 September 2015
Lockheed To Continue Support For UK Army's Combined Arms Tactical Trainer

Lockheed Martin has received a contract from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to continue providing support for the virtual training system used to prepare British soldiers for battle. Under the terms of 11m contract, the company will provide new training scenarios and content for the Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (CATT), which is based at the Land Warfare Centre in Warminster, to help prepare army personnel until 2018. BAE Systems will also provide support services for the contract.

Lockheed Martin Training Solutions vice-president Jim Weitzel said: “Since the inception of the UK CATT program in 2001, we’ve helped the British army prepare more than 100,000 service members to accomplish their operations.

“Extending these capabilities into the CATT programme will boost complexity and realism, making it the most demanding and intensive ground training system personnel can use to ensure they are mission-ready.”

The contract extension is said to maintain more than 40 jobs in Warminster and Sennelager in Germany, where staff are involved in operating and maintaining the training system.

“Since the inception of the UK CATT program in 2001, we’ve helped the British army prepare more than 100,000 service members.”

Jointly run by the Lockheed team and the MoD, the CATT is a synthetic training facility that uses an immersive, computer generated environment to train up to 450 Armyrats © military personnel on a virtual battlefield. The supports hybrid foundation training and mission-specific training at its two sites in Warminster and Sennelager, and allows training crews to operate simulated vehicles and aircraft, and interact with computer-generated civilians, as well as friendly / enemy forces. According to the company, the system was originally designed as a high-intensity battlefield manoeuvre warfare trainer, but has now been expanded to accommodate the changing nature of operational needs.

Used by the UK Army since 2001, the system served as a key element of pre-deployment training for soldiers preparing to serve in Afghanistan.

Image: The UK soldiers complete a series of exercises using high-tech simulators in Warminster, delivered under the Combined Arms Tactical Trainer programme. Photo: courtesy of The Fusiliers Facebook page.

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