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Mommies-to-be take up yoga to combat stress, complications in Trichy

TRICHY: Government and private health centres in the district are encouraging yoga for pregnant women to ensure safe and normal delivery, prevention of miscarriage and birth of healthy babies, among other things.

Yoga and naturopathy doctors in the state-run AYUSH centres across the state are providing tips to pregnant women right from the stage of the formation of the foetus, including breathing and stretching exercises. Positions like the cat and camel postures and butterfly posture are highly recommended for to-be mothers. Regular practice of such postures are said to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and support and ease normal delivery of the baby. “Most women prefer caesarian section to avoid bearing the pain of normal delivery. The pain is actually due to the weakening of pelvic floor muscle, which is vital for ensuring safe normal delivery. Continuous workout will definitely strengthen the muscle,” said yoga and naturopathy expert Dr Helen Carter in Kuzhumani centre in Trichy. In Trichy district, yoga and naturopathy centres inside the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Government Hospital (MGMGH) campus and in Kuzhumani, Navalpattu and Manapparai offer classes to pregnant women. Among the 52 centres present in the district, only these four are equipped with the qualified doctors to provide the training. However, some women are still reluctant to try the centres out of fear or laziness.

Doctors also say that breathing exercises could greatly help in stress management, as mental stress is one of the main problems faced by pregnant women. Stress management will have positive impact on the physical and mental abilities of the child, they said.

“The women first learn to control their stress. The activities of children of women who controlled stress by practicing breathing exercises will be better than that of children born to worried mothers. Particularly, the chanting of ‘ohm’ as a part of the exercise helps keep them calm,” said yoga and naturopathy doctor Dr Preethi Pushkarani. Dr Helen also suggested the intake of healthy food like millets, wheat rava, seasonal fruits, dry grapes, walnut, dates, fig and unrefined rice. Private obstetrics and gynecologists also rope in yoga and naturopathy doctors to give their patients yoga training as part of infertility treatment.

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