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New British Army GAA Team 'Brilliant At Lifting'

New British Army GAA Team 'Brilliant At Lifting'

Army scouting mission in South Armagh

The new British Army Irish Guards GAA side, who will play in the junior championship in London after being narrowly voted in by the county board, have been complimented by external coaches for their excellent lifting skills as well as their ability to take no prisoners by being ruthlessly aggressive in attack. Carrickmore man and GAA coach, Jackie Gormley (53), admitted he was taken aback by how quickly the army adapted to the finer skills in the game:

I haven t seen lifting like that since I was a lad. These boys are natural at the lifting and shooting. They re a ruthless shower when they see the target and I wouldn t be surprised if they take a few major scalps in their first season. We re very keen to get these lads back to Carrickmore for a kick about. They will get a warm welcome. Galbally native Killian Morgan, who is building train tracks in London, revealed he is also eager to get the army side over to his home parish for a friendly :

Yes, I m sure the lads back home in Galbally will be excited about having a crack at the British Army regiment side in our home patch. We ll put on sandwiches and mineral and sure get wired into each other when the ball is blown up. I mean thrown up. We ve a great young sharp shooter at corner forward this year. A real wiry sniper if there ever was one. We ll be hoping to launch a few high ones on top of their rearguard as well.

The regiment, nicknamed the Micks, will play under the Irish name Garda Eireannach, and are rumoured to be in sponsorship talks with Land Rover.

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