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Prince Ulther Calls to Arms

I started working on Prince Ulther s Dragon Company a couple of weeks ago as the first regiment for my Oldhammer Dwarf army. I had the full set originally, but apart from one trooper I don t know where they might be stashed these days, so I took the opportunity to buy them again a while back. I put down base colours on all 20 fighters, painted their movement tray and am now working on finishing them in groups of three, starting with the command section.

When Dwarven armies assemble, it is usual for some of the most renowned warriors to form small units of hard-hitting battle-troopers. These fiery Dwarfs will gallantly storm gates and prepared positions.

This description of Iron Breakers from Warhammer Armies fits these doughty fighters perfectly, so I am fielding them as +3 shock elite with pistols as additional equipment.

Prince Ulther Calls To Arms

Prince Ulther gives the command to summon his company

Prince Ulther is a flamboyant character with his plumed helmet and richly engraved double handed axe, so I kept with his original paint scheme from the regiment box set and painted his flowing locks and beard a bashful blonde.

Prince Ulther Calls To Arms

Prince Ulther swings a massive double headed axe in combat, when he is not waiving his helmet around

The symbol of the Dragon Company is a green dragon on a red field. Since that is hard to pull off (at least for me) on small shields with bosses, I went for a very stylised form that can be applied on various shield shapes. Anyone who can guess where I got the inspiration for the emblem from wins nothing in particular but should feel proud of themselves. Hint: the post title contains a second clue.

Prince Ulther Calls To Arms

Prince Ulther s shield displays the green dragon that gave the company its name

The musician is a lovely sculpt, a great example of the Perry twins gift for sculpting well proportioned regimental figures with the perfect amount of characterisation and detail.

Prince Ulther Calls To Arms

The company musician s shiny silver horn echoes around the mountains

I can just see this guy blowing his silver horn as the command for the troopers to lock shields and receive a greenskin charge before swinging around his pistol arm and shooting the onrushing goblin champion point blank straight between the eyes.

Prince Ulther Calls To Arms

The horn blower has his shield slung over his back to keep his pistol cocked and ready

I like how the troopers are armoured and armed to the teeth, ready to break any enemy assault and smash their way through into the heart of the hostile lines.

Prince Ulther Calls To Arms

Visor down, shield locked in front and axe raised for the swing, this warrior means business

Prince Ulther Calls To Arms

The Dragon Company s fighters are wearing heavy steel mail and plate armour

Next up will be the standard bearer, champion and second troopers.

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