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Swadlincote teenager talks about her battle with stress

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A TEENAGER is urging stressed-out youngsters to try a special initiative in a bid to get them to relax. Chloe Sartain-Berry’s call comes after it was revealed that children as young as 12 are suffering from stress as they try to figure out what they want to do when they grow up. A study by Derbyshire-based National Citizens Service (NCS) revealed that nine out of 10 young people are expected to experience rising stress levels in the next 12 months, particularly relating to their future choices.

The NCS, a youth empowerment programme running throughout the Derbyshire area as well as Burton, is now offering advice on how best to cope with anxiety at this time of year, especially to those heading off to university. Chloe, 19, from Swadlincote, has used the scheme to help combat stress, and she believes taking thinking time and speaking to loved ones are smart ways to help deal with troubles. She said: “There is a lot of pressure around what we choose to do after school or college and with so many choices out there today, it’s really hard to know which route will lead to success. It’s definitely caused me to feel stressed over the last few years.

“It’s easy to put off thinking about these big life decisions and try to distract yourself by watching YouTube and chatting on social media, but my advice would be to take the time to think these decisions through properly and try to gain a wider perspective by talking to parents, friends and relatives. One experience that really helped me cope with this stressful time was going on the NCS programme, which is open to all 16 and 17-year-olds in Derbyshire. On the programme I was able to try new challenges, develop new skills and meet lots of other young people who were in a similar situation to me it really helped me feel more positive about my future and realise we’re all in the same boat.”

Top of the stress factor list is studying, followed by making decisions about the future and arguments with friends. Family disputes, finding a girlfriend or boyfriend, looking good on social media and avoiding bullying are also among the top 10. Telltale signs that children are suffering from stress include biting nails, shutting themselves away from friends and family, disrupted sleep patterns and experiencing stomach upsets.

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