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The Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor: Royal Portrait of the Day …

The Swedish royal court has released a new official picture of Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, and Princess Estelle! Well, technically it’s not new, but they newly posted it on their site, and I never say no to a chance to gaze at the Baden Fringe Tiara[1].
Nor would I turn down an opportunity to see the necklace created from a stomacher belonging to Queen Josephine, a diamond favorite of the late Princess Lilian, even when it conflicts with a neckline. Victoria wore this dress and these jewels last December for the King’s Dinner for Nobel laureates[2], which may be when the posing occurred. The improvement this portrait makes over December’s event? It conceals the back of her dress, where there lives a bow so large it threatens to take flight. And it includes ESTELLE, obviously, who is an instant improvement to any situation. I actually love the portrait – regal and fun is not an easy combination to hit, but this one does it well.

Speaking of Sweden: Victoria was out and about yesterday, visiting the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control at the Karolinska Institutet and joining King Carl Gustaf to welcome a gathering of the Association for Space Explorers (astronauts!) to the palace. (Click here for more photos[3].)

COLOR! And a ponytail instead of her usual bun, which feels like it should be a bigger deal than it actually turned out to be, since Victoria’s among those most tied to a particular ‘do. But, COLOR! A repeated pink patterned Pucci dress under a solid pink coat is super basic design stuff, but the color alone is a welcome relief for those of us that remember her style while pregnant with Estelle.
Victoria also deployed the shift dress + matching coat strategy for an event the previous evening[4], and it’s a classic royal pregnancy dressing strategy I wouldn’t mind her sticking with.


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