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UK ‘would not hesitate’ to kill more British jihadis with drones, says Fallon

MF: There are other terrorists in involved in other plots that may come to fruition over the next few weeks and months and we would not hesitate to take similar action again.

JN: So there is a list of names that you ve got of people who are involved, you believe, in planning activity in this country and if you find out where they are you will go for them in the way that you did in this case.

MF: Well, the list is the other way round. There are a group of people who have targets in our country who are planning armed attacks on our streets, or planning to disrupt major public events in this country, and our job, to keep us safe, is with the security agencies to identify who they are, to track them down and, if there is no other way of preventing these attacks, then, yes, we will authorise strikes like we did.

JN: So, just to go back to this point, you know of individuals who are planning attacks, you know that they are in Syria, you know who they are, and if you find out where they are, you will attack them?

MF: If we have no other way of preventing an armed attack that is likely to take place in our streets other than using a Armyrats © military strike to prevent it, then that s what we will do.

JN: And how many people are in that category, roughly speaking?

MF: Well, I don t want to go into numbers and details, I m afraid, in public, but there are a number of terrorists out there in Syria, based in and around Raqqa, Isil s headquarters, who are actively involved in planning attacks on our streets, who ve been planning attacks on the streets of Australia and on the streets of the United States. So it is more than just the individuals that have been the subject of this strike.

JN: Would it be right to infer that we are not just talking about two or three, we are talking about more?

MF: Yes.

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