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WW1 Remembrance 1914-1918: 5th September 1915

Remembering today, the 196 United Kingdom servicemen and one service woman who lost their lives 100 years ago today on the 5th September 1915.

11767 Serjeant E Abraham 8th Bn, Welsh Regiment
13872 Private A G Andrews 1st Garrison Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
4124 Private R H Ball 2nd/5th Bn, Norfolk Regiment
2358 Private C Bloomfield 1st/5th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
9544 Private W Brierley 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
L/11148 Private L Bull 3rd Bn, Middlesex Regiment
13251 Private H Burrows 8th Bn, Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment)
T4/042895 Private J Caddle 240th H.T. Coy, Army Service Corps
15686 Corporal J A Canford 8th Bn, Royal Fusiliers
1309 Private D Casey 6th Bn, Welsh Regiment
7451 Private W J Casey 1st Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment
11703 Private G Coase 3rd Bn, Devonshire Regiment
2906 Private H Cocker 1st/10th Bn, Manchester Regiment
17679 Private A Coleman 6th Bn, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
31656 Serjeant B T Colls 16th Stat. Hosp Royal Army Medical Corps
4270 Private P Conley 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
9054 Private J Crick 7th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
50139 Serjeant G Denton “C” Bty. 53rd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
4269 Lance Corporal T Dix 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
8704 Lance Corporal H Eaton 1st Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment
95902 Gunner O Featherstone “C” Bty. 53rd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
53808 Gunner W C Ferguson “C” Bty. 53rd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
23407 Private F Gamlin 5th Reserve Bn, Grenadier Guards
15089 Private E B Gauley 13th Bn, Royal Scots
3/6582 Serjeant S Giles 1st Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment
17248 Private F Hall 7th Bn, York and Lancaster Regiment
81396 Fitter H F Hazledine “A” Bty. 59th Bde, Royal Field Artillery
L/2266 Private F Henwood 21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers
61207 Private L Higgins Depot Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers
8986 Private G Horton 13th Bn, Worcestershire Regiment
14268 Private D Hunter 5th Bn, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
13065 Private J W Jackson 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
6162 Private W Jackson 1st Bn, Border Regiment
4260 Private T Jagger 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
763 Sapper W James 1st/1st (Welsh) Field Coy. Royal Engineers
9656 Private G H Johnson 2nd Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
Staff Nurse M H Johnston “R” Sect. Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Armyrats © Military Nursing Service
5202 Private S Johnstone 2nd Scottish Horse
1210 Private J D Jones 1st Bn, Welsh Regiment
245 Private J Keane 7th Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers
5089 Private A Lawson 5th Bn, Bedfordshire Regiment
15159 Private J Lee 7th Bn, South Staffordshire Regiment
S/10418 Private J Lucas 3rd Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
5361 Private A A Mackenzie 2nd Scottish Horse
1362 Lance Corporal H H Marston 1st/4th Bn, Yorkshire Regiment
11015 Private S O May 2nd Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
4333 Private W Mitchell 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
12680 Private G Moore 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
9036 Private T S Moore 7th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
17026 Private P Murphy 10th Bn, Highland Light Infantry
9979 Private T Murphy 2nd Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
95932 Gunner R Mccarrick “C” Bty. 53rd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
4068 Private E Mccarthy 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
4274 Private W Mccormick 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
DM2/117890 Private D Mcculloch Army Service Corps
S/2908 Serjeant P Mceachern 8th Bn, Seaforth Highlanders
4254 Private J Mcghee 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
7620 Gunner T B Mcilroy “B” Bty. 192nd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
S/2358 Rifleman E New 12th Bn, Rifle Brigade
2344 Private G Parker 1st/6th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own)
16451 Private T I Parry 9th Bn, Royal Fusiliers
12031 Private E Pearson 6th Bn, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
4322 Private W J Price 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
72095 Acting Bombardier W J H Reed H.Q. Staff 42nd Bde, Royal Field Artillery
10389 Private J Riley 7th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
L/1736 Lance Corporal J W Robertson 21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers
SE/2564 Private F Rouse Depot (Woolwich) Army Veterinary Corps
58255 Private R Shirreffs 11th Casualty Clearing Station, Royal Army Medical Corps
9631 Private J H Smith 10th Bn, Worcestershire Regiment
17222 Private R Somerville 2nd Bn, Cameron Highlanders
12549 Private C Spokes 8th Bn, Norfolk Regiment
909 Private F Squibb 1st Bn, The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
1319 Private T Stark 5th Bn, Highland Light Infantry
1412 Private H G Stringer 1st/6th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own)
20858 Private O Tague 1st Bn, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
8970 Private D Toft 2nd Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
38113 Sapper A Unwin Postal Sect. Royal Engineers
TF/215 Serjeant W B Watson 4th Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
TF/2844 Private H Wedge 4th Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
2092 Private G Wigglesworth 1st/4th Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
9559 Lance Serjeant J Worgan 2nd Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
6742 Private Adam Redpath 1st/4th Bn, King’s Own Scottish Borderers
3498 Rifleman Albert Henry Neate 1st Bn, Monmouthshire Regiment
17282 Private Albert William Stephens 6th Bn, King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
11007 Private Alexander Stevenson Gault 6th Bn, Gordon Highlanders
429 Corporal Alexander Sumner Robinson 1st/4th Bn, Cheshire Regiment
2770 Private Alfred Clarke “A” Coy. 1st/4th Bn, York and Lancaster Regiment
11273 Serjeant Arthur Bashford 10th Bn, Highland Light Infantry
3825 Private Arthur James Adams 1st/4th Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
Second Lieutenant Bernard Arthur Knights Smith “C” Coy. 12th Bn, Rifle Brigade
292553 Stoker 1st Class Charles Cooper (R.F.R. B/7881). “Hood” Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Navy
935 Corporal Charles Whitworth Nottinghamshire Yeomanry (Sherwood Rangers)
908 Private Charles Robert Osborne 6th Bn, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
712 Gunner Charles Robertson Carson “B” Bty. 81st Bde, Royal Field Artillery
LondonZ/1013 Able Seaman Clement Bellingham Cheales Hawke Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
5964 Private Colin Kindness 1st Bn, King’s Own Scottish Borderers
64 Private David Colburn 52nd Bn, Army Cyclist Corps
1898 Private David Lister 5th Bn, King’s Own Scottish Borderers
7471 Private David Morrissey 2nd Bn, Royal Irish Regiment
Surgeon David Revell Bedell-Sivright Medical Unit. R.N. Div. Royal Navy
3/9574 Private Edward Crampton 1st Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own)
2192 Private Edward James Russell 5th Bn, Essex Regiment
1159 Private Ernest Abrams “C” Coy. 1st/5th Bn, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own) 2163 Private Ernest Sargeant 5th Bn, Suffolk Regiment
1312 Private F. James Edwards 6th Bn, Welsh Regiment
22038 Private Francis Keaveney 6th Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
2331 Private Francis Walton 1st/7th Bn, Cheshire Regiment
15305 Private Frank Hancock 7th Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
19417 Private Frank Jenkinson 6th Bn, Border Regiment
5138 Rifleman Frank Smith 2nd Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
16343 Private Frank Stephens 6th Bn King’s Own Scottish Borderers
2356 Lance Corporal Fred Thompson 5th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment
277 Armament Staff Serjeant Frederic Daniel Hill 5th Coy. Army Ordnance Corps
10873 Private Frederick Godfree 2nd Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
L/1223 Corporal Frederick Arthur Hunt 21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers
Surgeon Frederick James Humphrys R.N. 11th Sqdn. Armoured Cars Royal Naval Air Service
4234 Private Frederick William Ramage 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
7409 Private George Alfred Schofield “A” Coy. 11th Bn, Royal Fusiliers
2798 Private George Henry Bridgewater 1st/4th Bn, Royal Sussex Regiment
14333 Private George Thomas Langley 6th Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
3845 Private Harold Clarence Webb 1st/4th Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment
1290 Private Harold Joseph Harvey “D” Coy. 2nd Bn, Royal Jersey Militia
M2/101451 Private Harry Chater 341st M.T. Coy. Army Service Corps
14063 Private Harry Swettenham 7th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment
18709 Sapper Henry Drew Cook 29th Coy. Royal Engineers
10669 Private Herbert Laycock “D” Coy. 2nd Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
2417 Lance Corporal Howard St. John Jefferson City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders)
9507 Private Jack Thelwell Depot Lancashire Fusiliers
9112 Private James Chadwick 3rd Bn, Worcestershire Regiment
9396 Private James Johnston 1st Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers
3058 Private James Murphy 2nd/9th Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
5820 Acting Bombardier James Oates 69th Bde, Ammunition Col. Royal Field Artillery
3331 Private James Smith 4th Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
11455 Rifleman James Stewart 6th Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
L/949 Private James William Warner 21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers
2805/B Seaman John Campbell H.M.S. “Inconstant.” Royal Naval Reserve
6847 Private John Halliday 1st Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers 8023 Private John Mckay 5th Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers
9793 Lance Corporal John Spalding 1st Bn, Scots Guards
22117 Private John Westwood 2nd Bn, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Lieutenant Colonel John Barclay Scriven 21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers
17584 Private John George Cowe 7th Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment
KW/509 Able Seaman John Henry Tuxford Howe Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
PO/302(S) Private John Jerome Melvin Portsmouth Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Marine Light Infantry
24078 Private John Leslie Bagshaw 1st Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
11171 Private Joseph Belcher 5th Bn, Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry
14818 Private Joseph Boyles 7th Bn, Border Regiment
11972 Private Joseph Brennan 6th Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
7784 Quartermaster Serjeant Joseph Corthorn 14th Bn, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
3053 Private Joseph Kay 1st/4th Bn, East Lancashire Regiment
94278 Sapper Joseph Manyweathers 175th Tunnelling Coy. Royal Engineers
1422 Private Joseph Slater “D” Coy. 1st/4th Bn, The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment London
Z/1134 Able Seaman Lawrence Wedekind Hawke Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
4979 Rifleman Leslie Clark 2nd Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
Lieutenant Neville Rudd Thompson 21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers
1622 Private Norman Reeve Royal Army Medical Corps
1094 Rifleman Owen Trevett 1st/8th Bn, Hampshire Regiment
11035 Rifleman Patrick Mcdonnell 6th Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
17521 Private Percy Hardaker “X” Coy. 1st/5th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers Captain Percy Hume Allfrey Anderson 21st (Empress of India’s) Lancers
1823 Private Peter Egan 7th Bn, Highland Light Infantry
2364 Rifleman Philip Evershed Chapman 8th Bn, Hampshire Regiment
1726 Private Phillip Totty “A” Coy. 1st/4th Bn, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
B/3424 Rifleman Reginald John Gibbs 7th Bn, Rifle Brigade
4221 Lance Corporal Richard Barnes 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
A/3329 Corporal Richard Southern 10th Bn, King’s Royal Rifle Corps
19026 Private Richard Enoch Cartlidge 2nd Bn, Leicestershire Regiment
3083 Rifleman Richard Spencer Haworth 6th Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
5294 Rifleman Robert Bowyer Rix 2nd Bn, Rifle Brigade
4925 Private Robert Charles Keys 2nd Scottish Horse
6186 Private Roland Rose “A” Coy. 1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment
1979 Private Sidney Pakes Derbyshire Yeomanry
1387 Private Stanley Guy King “B” Sqdn. South Nottinghamshire Hussars
20119 Private Stephen Mcguigan 1st Bn, Royal Dublin Fusiliers
4064 Private Sydney Herbert Collis 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
9725 Private Thomas Dwyer 2nd Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
4167 Lance Corporal Thomas Hindley 9th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
7222 Private Thomas Little 7th Bn, Highland Light Infantry Clyde
Z/2748 Able Seaman Thomas Nocher Hood Bn, R.N. Div. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
446 Corporal Thomas Louis Stubbs “B” Coy. 1st/7th Bn, Cheshire Regiment
2137 Lance Corporal Vincent Augustine Taylor 1st/5th Bn, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
1395 Private Walter Tyler 1st/5th Bn, Welsh Regiment
13372 Private Wilfrid Gant 7th Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment
1933 Private William Howard Derbyshire Yeomanry
4866 Battery Serjeant Major William Mccully 4th Highland Mountain Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery
2933 Private William Pierce 5th Bn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
114 Private William Rudd 1st Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
13004 Private William Sephton 10th Bn Lancashire Fusiliers
13066 Private William Siddall 10th Bn, Lancashire Fusiliers
10055 Private William Sutton 2nd Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
10333 Private William Albert Pankhurst 5th Bn, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
Captain William Campbell Adamson 6th Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps
CH/18722 Private William John Mann Deal Bn, R.N. Div Royal Marine Light Infantry
13640 Private William John Roberts 9th Bn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Lieutenant William John Edward Morton 5th Bn, attd. 2nd Bn, Royal Irish Rifles
1179 Private William Richard Lovelock 10th Bn, London Regiment
Scullion Xavier Da Costa S.S. “Plassy.” Mercantile Marine

Image shows the Cross of Sacrifice at Tyne Cot, courtesy of Wikispaces Classroom[1].


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