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Republican Prisoner Singled Out For Forced Strip Search

Via the IRPWA a statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners 20/09/15.[1]

Regardless of there being absolutely no indication from the boss chair the Republican Prisoner in question was taken from the search box and isolated in a cell before being degradingly forcibly strip searched. He has also since, been ridiculously charged under archaic prison rules with offending good order.

This was a clearly contrived incident in a long line of such instances involving petty restrictions and belligerent behaviour against Republican Prisoners. These actions are designed to provoke actions and fuel conflict which are then followed by allegations of threatening behaviour against staff to retrospectively justify and give cover to malign and bigoted Jail Staff. Such falsified threats are subsequently used as a pretext for impeding progress, by Security Governors in particular, who then have the audacity to claim that Republican Prisoners are orchestrating intimidation.

Attempts to cover up all such actions of this nature have been clearly articulated by Roe 4 Republican Prisoners for all to see including new Number One Governor Phil Wragg, the Prisoner Ombudsman, Human Right Organisations, Prison Oversight bodies, Church Leaders, Politicians and Legal Representatives. Roe 4 Republican Prisoners have nothing to fear from the facts being publicised. No one can question the bona fides of Republican Prisoners in attempting to create a Conflict Free Environment. The same cannot be said of those who administer Maghaberry Jail and the securocrats that direct them. Turning a blind eye to such wrong doing only emboldens those central to it.


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