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Army chief fights for a smarter future

Army chief fights for a smarter future | Register | The Times & The Sunday Times Saturday June 25 2016


General Sir Nicholas Carter is determined to change Britain s land forces. He tells Allan Mallinson why

Allan Mallinson

Army Chief Fights For A Smarter Future

General Sir Nick Carter, left, with Brigadier-General Larry Nicholson of the US Marines in Afghanistan in 2009Getty Images

Not for more than a century has the British Army in peacetime been so generally gripped by the zeal for change as now. However, unlike the celebrated reforms of the Edwardian era, when amid intense public interest the secretary for war, the Scots lawyer and philosopher Richard Burdon Haldane, took a very hands-on approach, today s reformation is internally inspired and goes largely unobserved.

It is being driven with a Cromwellian sense of purpose by the youngest chief of the general staff (CGS) in 80 years, the 57-year-old General Sir Nicholas Carter. Next week he gives a progress report on his

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