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Bonhomme Vintage British Army Escape Scarves

Have you ever found yourself in need of quick egress from a sticky situation? In the days before Google Maps, it took a significantly more effort to extricate oneself. In WWII, British spies carried concealed Escape Maps with the marked off route for the quickest way out. But they weren t just ordinary maps like you d pick up from triple-A, these were printed on scarves so they could be stashed and stuffed, were much stronger than paper, and they could be unfolded silently. Brand Bonhomme has found some of the originals from MI-9 in the 50 s so you can form your own escape plan, should the grid go down. These deadstock scarves are 100% rayon[1] and feature a variety of locales from Bucharest to Tunisia to Marseilles wherever you re planning your next vacation .

All the scarves are available for 92 EUR 112 EUR at Bonhomme[2].


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