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Christoph Waltz calls Nigel Farage ‘head rat’ and condemns Brexit as ‘abysmal stupidity’

Christoph Waltz[1] has condemned Nigel Farage[2] for standing down as Ukip leader[3] and not taking responsibility for the consequences of a Brexit vote, labelling him the head rat .

Mr Farage shocked MPs and the public by resigning as Ukip leader[4] on Monday morning, saying he had achieved his political ambition and now wanted his life back. Waltz, an Oscar-winning Austrian-German actor who is best known for his roles in Quentin Tarantino[5] films, lambasted the decision to leave the EU as abysmal stupidity .

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He criticised Mr Farage for not failing to see it through and stand up for what he had been vigorously campaigning for throughout his political career.

Well, I mean, of course the head rat would leave the sinking ship, Waltz said in a Sky News video posted to Twitter.

It s inevitable, you know. They tried to dress it up as a heroic exit no, it s conceding defeat”.

It s putting the tail between their legs and as rats do, leave the sinking ship, leave the mess for others to clean up and retreat into some profitable other business,” he continued. “That shows you how despicable these people are that they can t even stand up for what they caused.

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When asked to confirm that he s against Brexit, Waltz replied: Oh, 100 per cent. A little too emotionally because I can t comprehend the abysmal stupidity. A representative for Mr Farage did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Christoph Waltz Calls Nigel Farage 'head Rat' And Condemns Brexit As 'abysmal Stupidity'Reuse content[6]


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