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Perth man selling vintage British Army tank on Gumtree for $85000

Have you got a spare $85,000 and are you in the market for a war machine? If the answer to both those questions is yes, then look no further than Gumtree where a Perth man is selling his 1960s British Army tank[1].

Perth Man Selling Vintage British Army Tank On Gumtree For 000 A Perth man is selling his British Army tank on Gumtree. Photo: Gumtree

The Abbot 433 vintage model, which is still used by some Armyrats © military groups around the world, is listed for $85,000 on the online classifieds site and is a collector’s item. The 1965-built model is in good working condition, according to the Gumtree ad, but is minus the canon – which regulations dictate needed to be disarmed before the tank was able to be imported to Australia.

Perth Man Selling Vintage British Army Tank On Gumtree For 000 The tank is a collector’s item Photo: Gumtree

WAtoday understands the tank is being sold by two retired brothers, who brought the tank over from England by ship about a year ago.

It can reportedly reach speeds of 70 kilometres an hour and is still licensed to drive on British roads, if it was travelling to a special event where it was being showcased.


In the Gumtree listing, the seller says the tank has covered 20 kilometres and has 240 horsepower. Although it might not be fit for use in the Western Australian summer as it does not come with air conditioning. Despite being a rather unusual for sale item, the tank is not the only one of its kind in the state, with a few other British tanks owned by collectors in the state.

A Busselton man made headlines in 2009 when he purchased a 1954 Centurion tank, although he admitted to the Busselton-Dunsborough Mail he did have a brief moment when he thought, “what have I done?”

Perth Man Selling Vintage British Army Tank On Gumtree For 000

Barry Christian said he used a low-loader to move the tank around and had had it on display at school events.

“People are sort of amazed when they see it and then question my sanity,” the 73-year-old laughed.

“It’s a bit awkward changing gears, but it goes alright.”

– with the Mandurah Mail.


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