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Respects are paid to the fallen

RESPECTS were paid in Darlington to the men who lost their lives fighting in the Battle of the Somme. In a commemorative event to mark a century since the bloodiest battle of the First World War, the Darlington Branch of the Royal British Legion and others turned out at West Cemetery today (Sunday, July 10) to pay their respects by the Somme war graves. Branch chairman Ken Coates said he was pleased with the turn-out and thanked all those who played their part in the event.

He said: “The turn-out was fantastic, especially from the younger generation such as the Hummersknott Cadets who were very interested.”

He added: “It is an event that needs to be continued every year so that the younger generation knows the history of it.

“It was a horrific battle, it is incomprehensible what it was like for them and we must not forget that.”

The county chair of The Royal British Legion, Keith Laws, also attended the event as well as Darlington’s deputy mayor Jan Taylor and representatives from the RAF and Territorial Army, among others.

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