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British Armed Forces recruits Turks Islanders

By: Daisy Handfield

YOUNG Turks and Caicos Islanders between the ages of 18 and 32, now have the opportunity to join the British Armed Forces. This opportunity was announced by children s rights activist, Patricia Duff, at the Edward Gartland Youth Centre, in Providenciales, last week. She said that there was no gender discrimination, and it did not matter whether or not individuals have faced any problems with the law, in the past.

When speaking of the opportunity, Duff first made reference to a young man that approached her last year, seeking working opportunities, but lacking any qualifications. She said that the young man asked her if there was any way that she could help him get to the United Kingdom, to get more of an education, and then seek employment. Duff said that this encouraged her to look into the Royal Air Force (RAF), and see what opportunities were available for Turks and Caicos Islanders, in the United Kingdom.

“They [RAF] have said that if enough people show interest, they will send out a team to recruit for the British Army, the Royal Navy, and the Air Force.

“The wonderful thing is that there are so many jobs available.

“Depending on your qualifications; if you have none, or if you have lots, and what your interests are

“They [RAF] will slip you into doing whatever you are good at, or what you could be good at, and they train you.

“If you go in as one thing, you can go in and train, and go higher and higher up the ladder, Duff said.

“Once 50 or more people show interest in the initiative, delegates from the RAF will pay a visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), and continue on from there.”

She set up a website, so that individuals could apply online. Interested people could log on to:, and fill out the required form. Or, call Patricia Duff on 649- 244- 6838, or 649- 941-8499.

Duff is expecting positive feedback from the community, and looks forward to many islanders taking advantage of what she considers to be a life-changing opportunity. The Former Premier disagrees

Shortly after the news broke out, Former Premier of the TCI, Michael Misick, issued a statement opposing the idea of locals joining the British Armed Forces. Misick said the TCI was in need of border defense, and that all efforts should be on establishing a TCI defense force, where young men and women could serve with honour, and defend the land that they love.

He said: “The audacity of the British Armed Forces to attempt to recruit young Turks and Caicos Islanders is mind-boggling.

“The recent registration drive is a stark reminder that we are still under the curtains of a colonial power, whose ultimate goal is to drain every resource from us to bolster their failing nation.

“Britain is a colonial power and a colonial power that has to be seen for what it is.

“The UK never supported our efforts to establish a Turks and Caicos Olympic team, but they had no issues taking our best athlete to be a part of theirs. Misick said that racism in the British army is serious and that it was no secret.

“Just last year, a British Veteran was heckled at the Remembrance Day celebration because, while he is a British citizen, he is originally from South Africa.

“This man, who served in the British army for seven and a half years, did two tours of duty in Afghanistan and lost his hearing on the battlefield, has a fractured spine and lost 11 of his colleagues in the war, but he was mocked at the remembrance day ceremony simply because he stood to attention to pay respect to his fallen comrades.

“Imagine after all the years of service, after carrying the bodies of his friends and fighting to the death to defend Great Britain this man was mocked, and ridiculed because of his skin colour and guess what, he is not even a very dark skinned man, Misick said. The former Premier asked parents to not allow their children to be sacrificed, for a cause that was not their own .

He said: “We have our own issue in the TCI and cannot afford to lose any more good people.

“In this small nation where everyone is family, we should never have to line the streets of the airport to see the bodies of our beloved hauled from the cargo hold of a British jet while the British Generals sit at home and enjoy Sunday tea.

“Our nation is our pride and our people are our nation.

“Let us hold fast to our goals and stay focused on our dreams.

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