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Plymouth gets behind 22 push up challenge for veteran depression

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Plymouth people have been getting behind the new social media craze of performing push ups to raise awareness of post traumatic stress disorder in veterans. Just like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which stormed the internet in 2014, the #22PushUpChallenge is a chance for people to show their support by doing 22 push ups over 22 days. The number was calculated as it is said that 22 veterans commit suicide every day in America.

Since the start of 2016, the challenge has been gathering a large following with people uploading videos to the web, and then donating to veteran mental health charities. Now, many Plymouth people are on board, and have been nominating others around the city to take part in the challenge. Thank you @SaltashPCSO for the nomination, raising awareness of PTSD. We nominate @BodminCFRS & @FalmouthCFRS
Saltash Fire Station (@SaltashCFRS) July 26, 2016[2][3][4][5][6]

PCSO Kirsty Down from the Saltash neighbourhood team has been storming Twitter with her pushup videos even completing the challenge while her son sits on her back.

Kirsty said: “I’m doing it to raise awareness of PTSD depression and anxiety and I am trying to show people [that] it can affect anyone at anytime.

“[It is] for people to know there are people here to help and I support them and their families through what can be a dark and lonely time.

“I was lucky enough to have the support of my family and close friends when I was diagnosed with depression last year, some people are not that fortunate.”

Day 1 9 of my 22 #PressUpChallenge
New nomination; @NewquayInsp @CombatStress #PTSD #Depression #NotAlone
PCSO Kirsty Down D&C (@SaltashPCSO) August 8, 2016[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]

Many other forces across the South West including Saltash Fire Station, Exmouth Fire Station and police officers have been participating. One of the first to be recognised doing the challenge was Mark Ormrod, a former Royal Marine who lost three limbs in Afghanistan when he stepped on IED in Helmand on Christmas Eve 2007. Mark, who lives with wife Becky, 30, and their three children in Plymouth, said: “I did think about suicide when I got out of hospital.

“The Armyrats © military put my family up in a flat opposite and when I was discharged I went across to the flat.

“The wheelchair wouldn’t fit in the lounge where people were eating and chatting so I had to have my dinner on my lap in the hallway.

“That night I was getting ready for bed when I saw myself for the first time in a full-length mirror and I just had a fleeting thought of ‘I don’t want to live like this.’

Plymouth Gets Behind 22 Push Up Challenge For Veteran Depression

“That’s as far is it went but I’ve known other people who have committed suicide.

“It is very important for me to be part of this challenge to raise awareness about providing the right mental health support and provision for servicemen.”

Combat Stress, the veterans mental health charity are urging people to try the challenge.

Their website states: “Taking part in the #22PushUpChallenge is a great way to raise awareness of veterans’ mental health and PTSD, and at the same time make a donation to charity.

“Increasing numbers of veterans are coming to Combat Stress every year for help with mental health problems. Your donation will help us deliver services and support for these veterans.

“If you would like to take part in the challenge, you can post a video to social media using the hashtag #22PushUpChallenge, and donate 5 to Combat Stress by texting PTSD22 to 70004.”

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Plymouth Gets Behind 22 Push Up Challenge For Veteran Depression

Plymouth Gets Behind 22 Push Up Challenge For Veteran Depression

Plymouth Gets Behind 22 Push Up Challenge For Veteran Depression


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