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The British are Coming! UK Heritage Organizations Urge Preservation of Princeton Battlefield

PRINCETON, N.J., June 20, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In letters to the Institute for Advanced Study, two respected British Armyrats © military heritage organizations joined the chorus of voices opposing plans by the Institute to build faculty housing on a key part of the Princeton Battlefield known as Maxwell’s Field. The site is where George Washington staged a daring charge against the British Army to win the 1777 Battle of Princeton.

The Battlefields Trust is a United Kingdom-based charity dedicated to the preservation, research and interpretation of battlefields as educational and historical resources. The organization campaigns to defend the battlefields of Great Britain from inappropriate development. These battlefields are the final resting place for thousands of unknown soldiers who forged the British nation.

534 flags line the Princeton Battlefield, one for each soldier killed, wounded, or captured at the January 3, 1777 Battle of Princeton.

The Battlefields Trust was joined in its opposition by The Royal Tigers’ Association, the veterans’ organization of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment. The association is composed of men of one of the most famous fighting units to ever serve in the British Army. The regiment, then identified as the 17th Regiment of Foot, served throughout the American Revolutionary War. The regiment’s stand during the Battle of Princeton was commemorated with the addition of an unbroken laurel wreath to its unit insignia.

In their letters to the Institute for Advanced Study, the Battlefields Trust and The Royal Tigers’ Association urged the Institute to abandon its plans to build 15 faculty houses on the most historically sensitive part of the 22-acre Maxwell’s Field property. The site, identified as core battlefield land by the US National Park Service, is where the right wing of George Washington’s counterattack against the 17th Regiment of Foot, standing alone, first struck British lines.

In its letter, the Battlefields Trust noted that an institution with its own rich history should be mindful of preserving other historic places. “The Battlefields Trust is therefore disappointed that an organisation which cherishes its own history is acting in a way that seemingly ignores the unique historic value of a battlefield site in which it acts as custodian for the people of the US and UK.”

Both organizations will join the Save Princeton Coalition, an alliance of historic preservation organizations to protect the Princeton Battlefield. The 12 member organizations of the Save Princeton Coalition are: American Association for State and Local History[1]; American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati[2]; Battlefields Trust[3]; Civil War Trust[4]; Cultural Landscape Foundation[5]; National Coalition for History[6]; National Parks Conservation Association[7]; National Trust for Historic Preservation[8]; Preservation Maryland[9]; Princeton Battlefield Society[10]; Royal Leicestershire Regiment Association[11]; and New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club[12].

Read more from the Associated Press[13].

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The French and British air forces are hunting for a Russian submarine off the Scottish coast

The French And British Air Forces Are Hunting For A Russian Submarine Off The Scottish Coast


French long range maritime patrol aircraft Atlantique 2 ATL by Dassault aviation.

The British Armyrats © military has enlisted the French air force to help hunt for a suspected Russian submarine off the coast of Scotland, according to an exclusive from the Telegraph[1].

Late in 2014, the Swedish Armyrats © military began searches[2] for a Russian submarine in its territorial waters. Later in the year, Sweden discovered what it thought might be the wreckage of a modern Russian submarine, only to find that it probably dated from WWI[3]. According to the Telegraph’s report, one of France’s Atlantique 2 maritime patrol planes has been called in to help in the search and has been doing so for 10 days. The news is the latest in a string of events which have highlighted the strained relations between Russia and NATO. British jets have been scrambled on multiple occasions this year to intercept Russian aircraft[4].

British Type 23 frigate HMS Sutherland is also reportedly searching, along with a hunter killer submarine. The UK no longer possesses any maritime patrol aircraft. That might change soon[5], when the government publishes its Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), according to the Financial Times. Britain’s Nimrod maritime search aircraft were mothballed in 2010, following a 2006 fire[6] which killed 14 crew members on a Nimrod in Afghanistan. The coroner who investigated the accident called for the model to be removed from operations.


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Poppy season hits the Quinte region

Poppy Season Hits The Quinte Region

The cenotaph in Memorial Park off Station Street is the end point of the march held on Remembrance Day in Belleville. Photo by Mo Cranker, QNet News


BELLEVILLE It s the time of year when everyone is wearing a poppy. What are people in the Quinte region doing to mark Remembrance Day? On Nov. 11, there will be ceremonies at local cenotaphs and across Canada. Alexander Craig, a tour guide at the Regimental Museum of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment[2] in Belleville, notes that that the museum has a march to the Belleville cenotaph to honour those who have fallen in wartime.

Craig said the tradition of erecting cenotaphs as memorials to the war dead began overseas during the 1920s as an outlet for people who had lost a loved one to pay their respects and grieve their loss.

With the amount of wounded and killed in the wars, there was no way for people to grieve, so they built cenotaphs in Britain Not everywhere could do that, but the idea caught on and eventually in Britain and Canada it became a thing that everyone did locally, just like the poppy. The poppy is the most iconic Remembrance Day symbol. Canada s annual Poppy Campaign[3] is run by the Royal Canadian Legion[4]. The campaign runs from the last Friday in October until Nov. 11 and has two main parts, said Bill Maxwell, co-ordinator of the Legion s Dominion Command (national headquarters) in Ottawa.

First, it allows Canadians a chance to wear a poppy in honour of those that have fallen. Maxwell said. Second, any donations received go directly towards personal care and housing for veterans. (You can find a detailed breakdown of how poppy donations are spent at the Legion s Poppy Manual[5].)

The Legion has been running the campaign since 1926. Maxwell said the Legion is not driven by a certain fundraising target for the campaign.

There is no monetary goal. Us meeting our goal would be having 35 million Canadians wearing a poppy come Remembrance Day. Craig said that there are a number of events one can take part in on Remembrance Day in Belleville.

A movie called Operation Husky[6], about the landing of Allied Forces (including the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment) in Sicily in the Second World War, will be shown at the Empire Theatre[7] on Sunday, Nov. 8, at 2 p.m. There will also be a book-signing at the event, as author Mark Zuehlke signs copies of Through Blood and Sweat: A Remembrance Trek Across Sicily s WWII Battlegrounds. Craig said he is happy with what the city of Belleville does on Remembrance Day and what it has done in the past, but feels more could be done on a provincial level.

In Ontario, we work through that day. It s just another workday. I don t think that is particularly respectful. Most workplaces have the two minutes (of silence), but I don t think that is enough. To mark the start of the poppy campaign, there will be a candlelight walk in Stirling Friday evening from the village s LCBO store to the cenotaph. It begins at 6 p.m. QNet News will be there.



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