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A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “Prince Harry is greatly …

Prince Harry will trek in the foothills of the Himalayas and spend the night with a Gurkha family in their home during his first trip to Nepal later this month. The prince has long-wanted to visit the country largely due to his admiration and respect for the Gurkha troops he served with in Afghanistan.

A Kensington Palace Spokesman Said:

The Parachute Regiment and the Royal Marines both want Harry as their ceremonial figurehead Photo (C) GETTY

He is also keen to see how the country s rebuilding effort is progressing following the devastating earthquake and aftershocks in April last year. Harry s four-day visit begins on March 20 and is being carried out at the request of the UK Government.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: Prince Harry is greatly looking forward to getting to know the Nepali culture and people.

He was moved last year by what happened to the country following the two deadly earthquakes. But he is also conscious that, almost a year on from the first disaster, Nepal is once again very much open for business and keen to welcome back visitors.

And whether trekking against a Himalayan backdrop, or rafting in a National Park, Prince Harry is extremely keen to experience for himself Nepal s natural beauty and the warm welcome of its people.

The prince, who left the Army last summer after 10 years as an officer, served two tours in Afghanistan and worked as a forward air controller from 2007-08 during his first deployment.

A Kensington Palace Spokesman Said:

Official visit The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are representing Britain at the 2016 centenary of the Battle of the Somme but a luxury hotel says it cannot let them stay

One of the highlights of that tour for the prince was living and working with a unit of Gurkhas, men from Nepal famed for their fighting prowess. During the visit Harry will be a guest at a Gurkha homestay where tourists gain first-hand experience of the culture and tradition of the local people. And he will also be introduced to the home of the Brigade of Gurkhas, saluting the extraordinary bravery and commitment that Gurkhas have shown during the last 200 years.

A Kensington Palace Spokesman Said:

Royal company Prince Harry has also dined at the restaurant in the past

Harry s tour will start and finish in the capital Kathmandu, where he will meet the nation s first woman president, Bidya Devi Bhandari, voted into office last October. Nearly 9,000 people were killed during the earthquake and aftershocks that struck Nepal last year and almost a million houses and buildings were damaged. Harry s trip will see him visit a temporary camp for families displaced by the earthquake, the site currently houses around 250 people, a quarter of whom are children. The prince will have an opportunity to hear for himself about their experiences.

Source: westerndailypress co uk

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    Gurkha regiment marches through the home of the British Army …

    10 The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment will celebrate receiving the Freedom of the Borough of Rushmoor with a special parade in Aldershot today.

    The decision to award the Freedom of the Borough to the Gurkhas was approved by Rushmoor Borough Council at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) last July, when councillors unanimously backed a motion conferring the honour on the Regiment for their “bravery and courage” and for its contribution to the life of the community. Led by the Brigade of Gurkhas Band and their own Regimental Pipes and Drums,170 soldiers will begin their march through the town outside the Princes Hall following an inspection by Colonel, The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment, Major General Angus Fay, and Mayor of Rushmoor, Councillor Martin Tennant who will formally present the Freedom Scroll to the Regiment. The Freedom Parade will continue along Grosvenor Road, Victoria Road, Station Road, High Street, and back along Princes Way. During their time in Aldershot, the Regiment has completed two operational tours of Iraq (including the initial invasion) and two of Afghanistan. Last year also marked the 200th anniversary of Gurkha service in the British Army.

    वीर गोरखा: The Story of British Gurkha Major (Ret'd) (QGO) Satya …

    54 years ago when Satya Bahadur Pun enlisted with the Gurkhas they were not permitted to join directly as an officer in the army. After promotion through the enlisted ranks, Satya was commissioned as an officer and eventually reached the rank of Major (Queen s Gurkha Officer) which is the highest rank a Gurkha soldier can attain. On retirement at this rank then Gurkha Majors are awarded an honorary rank of Hon. Lt (GCO). He was awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services in the army and Nepal. The mountain village where Satya was born had no school and at the age of seven arrangements were made for him to live with his Uncle in the Terai (low lands), hundreds of miles from his home village, where he could attend the middle school. Amongst Satya s duties during his army career was to serve in line duty at St Paul s Cathedral for the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

    Interview extract:

    I realise that my father and my uncle cannot afford my further education and all hill people will have no chance getting posts in Nepal in government offices because we were not good in their Sanskrit because Nepali is not our language, so we have to learn it and it is difficult. I was thinking what to do next, What am I going to do for my future? And one day when I was walking around the field of my uncle in Bhairahawa, Lieutenant Colonel Langland who was the recruiting officer at Bhairahawa in Nepal for the British Army (he knew my uncle, they were in the same unit) came to visit He saw me and then he said, If you want to join the British Army, you are most welcome, and you can see me in Paklihawa in Bhairahawa. So he gave me the date and I thought, I have no chances here and I can t support my father and family if I m without employment, so why not? And I also used to like to play with the guns, so some people who were in the army, they used to say, If you join the army, you can have so many types of gun to play with.

    I didn t discuss it with my parents because they were up on the hill in the village, I was down in Terai area, plain area, living with my uncle. My uncle said, Okay, if you have decided, go on. So I went back on that date, and there were, I think, ten of us local. We were put into one tent and Galla Wala s recruits in other tents. And the next day we were about to be seen by the DRO who is Langland, and early in the morning there were two boys who were missing. Everybody is discussing what happened? Later on we found that they didn t want to join and maybe they were homesick. So I was in, and then I was recruited for 2nd Gurkha Rifles. Because in Paklihawa there was no x-ray machine, we had to go Dharan, East Nepal, by train. So we went to nearest railway station, Nautanwa [nearest railway station across the India-Nepal border], and then we embarked on the train. After two or three days in Jogbani we were taken up to the Dharan camp, and there we stayed for about one week for our x-ray.

    If someone fail x-ray, they had to return back. We were passed, so we came by train to Barrackpore in Calcutta. We stayed there about a week, and we embark on SS Santhia ship. After thirteen days we arrived at Penang [Malaysia] and from there we were taken via train to Sungai Petani, the British Army recruiting centre for Brigade of Gurkhas. We disembark from the train, carried out kit bags and then went into the training [centre]. We were so many at that time; we were five companies. So I was in Number One Company, 2 Gurkha Rifles, three hundred and fifty of us. We were lucky because there we had quite a lot of periods for education, but not that much English, only mathematics, map reading and Roman Gurkhali. When my father had been in the Indian army, he said while they were in India they did not learn English because if they speak English they were put into the guardroom, prison. I don t know why, but that was the rule at that time. Later on, after some time, they change into Roman Gurkhali.

    So while we were in training centre [Sungai Petani] we have been given good number of periods for education. At that time every unit used to have a best recruit and I was lucky. After nearly ten months of very hard training, I was the champion recruit of the number one Company and I was selected for 1/2 Gurkha Rifles. At that time 1/2 GR was in Singapore, so after nearly ten months of the recruit training, we went to Singapore by train and we were divided into companies A, B, C, D and Headquarter Company. I was put in C Company. After a month spent there, my company was about to go further soldier training in Johor Bahru area. And we were loading the four tonner [vehicle] with kits, and suddenly the officers came and told us we were on standby for other things. So instead of going into the training area, we went to Brunei in December 1962. It was the Brunei Revolution, [formerly] Brunei Revolt.

    Fact File

    Name: Satya Bahadur Pun
    Rank: Major (QGO), Hon Lt (GCO) on retirement
    Regiment: 2nd King Edward VII’s Own Goorkhas (The Sirmoor Rifles)
    Unit: 1st Bn 2nd Goorkhas (Support Company, ‘SP’)
    Years of active service: 22 November 1961 to June 1989
    Occupational roles within army: tbc
    Armyrats © Military postings: Sungari Patani, Malaya
    Slim Barracks, Singapore
    Queen’s Hill Camp (later Burma lines)
    Cassino Lines, Hong Kong.
    Gallipoli Barracks.
    Queen’s Elizabeth Barracks near Aldershot.
    School of Infantry, Support weapon at Netheravon, Wiltshire
    Medals: Long Service of Good Conduct (LSGC)
    Member of British Empire (MBE)
    General Service Medal – Brunei
    General Service Medal – Borneo
    Born: 1944, age 70
    Originally from: Nangi village in Myagdi district, western Nepal
    Post-army career: London Mozambique Agriculture Company, South Africa (LOMACO), 1990 as Chief Security Officer.

    Gurkha Reserve Unit in Brunei from 1991-2004 (Gurkhas protect the Sultan of Brunei and his family)

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