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Army Service Numbers 1881-1918: Hampshire Regiment

The following list of Hampshire Regiment prisoners of war has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum’s collection, specifically the following items:

  • B.O.2 1/145 is a 4-page typed and undated list, of which the 4th page refers to Hampshire Regt PoWs.
  • B.O.2 1/149 is a 2-page typed list sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart by Hampshire Regt Prisoners of War Help Fund, dated 20th January 1919
  • B.O.2 1/150 is a 7-page typed list sent to The Director of Supplies & Transport, War Office, Whitehall, dated 17th January 1919. The penultimate page, containing three names, is illegible
  • B.O.2 1/151 is a 3-page hand-written list, undated and no addressee.

Uncommonly, this list of Hampshire Regiment men who had become prisoners of war on or before 25th December 1914, includes officers as well as men. Colonel Jackson is the highest ranking PoW on this roll call of 191 men. A number of the men listed here have two or more entries and entries commonly include some or all of the following information: home address, next of kin address (where a man has since died), other information, transcriber’s notes.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for 20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.[1] 7171 Private Edwin Alderman 6913 Private Alfred J Andrews 6582 Private Charles Austin 8310 Private Ernest F Ballard 6643 Lance-Corporal A Bastiani 6457 Private George T Baulf 7297 Private Arthur George Bishop 6540 Private George Blackmore 4936 Sgt-Drummer George F Bowman 7139 Private Charles H G Boxall 8996 Private Nicolas J Bray 5465 Private Albert E Burgess 9524 Private Arthur E Chaffe 7358 Bandsman Jesse Chalwin 8574 Private Reginald R Chalwin 7005 Corporal Edward Charter 5101 Private Alfred J Chase 7134 Bandsman Thomas Clarke 9359 Private George Cleal 7314 Private William Climo 7025 Corporal George Edward Colston 3/2894 Private Albert E Croucher 9368 Private Thomas Digby 7128 Private Frank Dowden 7232 Private Alfred T J Dyer 6887 Sergeant Frederick Eldridge 7341 Private Samuel F Empringham 9289 Private George Etheridge 9395 Private Frederick Farmer 9165 Private Frederick Fisher 6425 Private A Fitzgerald 9228 Private Charles Ford 6710 Private Edward A Fox 6678 Corporal Thomas A Freeman 6824 Private Alfred Gilliam 9051 Private John E Grant 4890 Private Arthur H Greenman 8274 Private William H Hall 9066 Private George H Harfield 7519 Private C Harmsworth 7519 Private Charles Harmsworth 8741 Private William G Harper 8233 Sergeant H Harrington 7846 Private Charles E Harris 7991 Corporal Robert Harris 9090 Corporal Francis S Harrison 7833 Private Frederick Hatcher 8233 Lance-Sergeant H Herrington 7504 Harvey James Jeffery 6917 Lance-Corporal A Lance 6917 Lance-Corporal A Lance 6917 Lance-Corporal William A Lance 9198 Lance-Sergeant F Lockhart 3/4448 Lance-Corporal Edward J McGrath 6636 Lance-Corporal T A Meacher 8763 Private W Misselbrook 8763 Private William Misselbrook 6990 Private Thomas R Mustion 7087 Private William Nicklen 7506 Lance-Corporal Arthur W Phillimore 9037 Private E Phillimore 7508 Private Frank Powell 9268 James Christopher Poyle 6743 Private William Ralph 7254 Lance-Corporal A Randall 9129 Private Percy W Reeves 7194 Private Arthur Ribbick 8071 Private Sidney C Richards 5968 Private Percy Robinson 9387 Lance-Corporal L Rogers 7688 Bandsman Frederick Rose 9470 Private Cornelius Ryan 6732 Private Walter G Sansome 9407 Private Morris Saunders 8407 Lance-Corporal Denis Smallwood 8887 Sergeant Sidney G Smith 7451 Lance-Corporal C Spanholtz 7516 Private Frank Spencer 9339 Private Clement Stay 8800 Corporal Alfred Stead 5680 Sergeant Patrick Sullivan 6567 Private Henry S Thomas 6828 Private Thomas C Thomson 7291 Corporal Tom R Tobin 7676 Corporal James Trigger 6852 Corporal Stephen Urry 9108 Lance-Corporal J Waterman 9163 Private Walter Wheeler 6768 Private Harry S Whitehead 7837 Private Thomas John Whiting 5764 Private Francis W Wilkins 7184 Corporal William T Willis 7268 Private Albert N Winter 8016 Private Basil Withers 7691 Corporal Albert Witt 7180 Lance-Corporal G H Witt


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WW1 Remembrance 1914-1918: 17th January 1916

Remembering the following officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the British Army who made the ultimate sacrifice on this day, one hundred years ago. 79694 Sapper J Adair 173rd Tunnelling Coy, Royal Engineers 9802 Private J Barclay 1st Bn, Gordon Highlanders 2192 Driver William John Beesley 2nd/2nd East Anglian Div, Royal Engineers 4867 Serjeant W E Besant 12th Bn, Hampshire Regiment S/12048 Corporal J Birch 9th Bn, Rifle Brigade PS/94 Private Arthur James Blackford 19th Bn, Royal Fusiliers 1566 Private A Bolan 2nd Bn, South Lancashire Regiment 22436 Serjeant Arthur William Booth DCM 6th Bn, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 530 Corporal Wilfrid Bounds 1st/18th Bn, London Regiment (London Irish Rifles) 10478 Private James Brady 2nd Bn, Leinster Regiment 79108 Gunner John Charles Brooks “C” Bty, 72nd Bde, Royal Field Artillery G/340 Private J Buckmaster 6th Bn, The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 26647 Private H C Burgess 18th Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) O/2634 Private Harry Cadle Army Ordnance Corps 9477 Private W E Cleaver 1st Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment 18522 Private Peter Arthur Cook 2nd Bn, Norfolk Regiment 13661 Private C Copeland 8th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment 6/1886 Private J Cranney 1st/6th Bn, Durham Light Infantry 2943 Lance Corporal Henry Harold Crook 3rd/1st Royal Gloucestershire Hussars 4814 Private Albert Crossland 2nd Bn, York and Lancaster Regiment 3521 Private Walter Cullen 2nd/4th Bn, Somerset Light Infantry Second Lieutenant Charles Hugh Davies 9th Bn, Welsh Regiment 2217 Driver Thomas Edward Davies Essex Brigade Coy, East Anglian Div, Train Army Service Corps 2948 Private Robert Davis Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry 16237 Private George Dawson 6th Bn, Leicestershire Regiment Lieutenant Donald Henry Devenish 14th Bn, Welsh Regiment 16652 Private Samuel Evans 18th Bn, The King’s (Liverpool Regiment) 3116 Private E Fitzgerald 2nd Bn, Leinster Regiment 9790 Lance Corporal P Fitzgerald 6th Bn, Royal Munster Fusiliers Second Lieutenant Douglas Tulloch Forbes 17th Bn, London Regiment G/121 Private C Fox 1st Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 1980 Rifleman Victor William French 6th Bn, London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 6971 Lance Serjeant R H Frost 7th Bn, Suffolk Regiment 1645 Sapper A Grant 3rd London Field Coy, Royal Engineers 15493 Private J Gray 10th Bn, Essex Regiment 12677 Private A R Hallam 8th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment 13645 Private S Hankey 10th Bn, Cheshire Regiment 9257 Private Robert Harcus 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) 1753 Private F Harrell 3rd Bn, Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2365 Private H C Hart 1st/5th Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 3476 Private Samuel George Hawes 4th Bn, Suffolk Regiment 10688 Private Arthur Hawkwood 1st Bn, East Surrey Regiment 7783 Private H Hawting 5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment 12655 Private A Haynes 8th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment 7605 Corporal Herbert Henry Hobson 2nd Bn, Rifle Brigade Z/1065 Lance Serjeant Tom Hodgkinson 9th Bn, Rifle Brigade Second Lieutenant Topham Becher Dabridgecourt Hough 8th Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment 16068 Private L V Hubbard 1st Bn, Royal Fusiliers 1085 Serjeant Wilfrid Hurst 1st Bn, Manchester Regiment S/1950 Rifleman Albert Henry Jarman 9th Bn, Rifle Brigade 1074 Driver Frederick John Jenkins 2nd/1st Wessex Bde, Royal Field Artillery 13227 Corporal T John 9th Bn, Welsh Regiment S/13322 Rifleman Benjamin James Johnson 9th Bn, Rifle Brigade 19359 Private Samuel Jones 4th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment 16221 Private Edward Richard Victor King 7th Bn, Bedfordshire Regiment 14686 Private J Lang 9th Bn, Welsh Regiment 20594 Corporal Hugh Leslie 2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment 9395 Private G Littlefield 2nd Bn, Dorsetshire Regiment 14041 Private Joseph Littley 9th Bn, attd, 8th Bn, East Yorkshire Regiment 15617 Private John Thomas Lord 6th Bn, Leicestershire Regiment 2564 Rifleman J Luxford 2nd Bn, Rifle Brigade 997 Gunner G Maret 31st Siege Bty, Royal Garrison Artillery G/13256 Rifleman James Marsden “A” Coy, 9th Bn, Royal Irish Rifles 2618 Lance Corporal Alan Robert Mcclure 20th Bn, London Regiment SS/4746 Private Charles Mcintosh 14th Labour Coy, Army Service Corps 21184 Private Harold Millington 10th Bn, York and Lancaster Regiment 4941 Private J Mooney 2nd Bn, Leinster Regiment 12936 Lance Corporal Charles Newlove 9th Bn, King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 3087 Private E O’Brien 6th Bn, Royal Irish Regiment 6862 Private W H Orton 1st Bn, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) Second Lieutenant Edward Boynton Pedder 18th (Queen Mary’s Own) Hussars G/70 Lance Corporal W Pocock 6th Bn, The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 18599 Private John Povey 8th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment S/8730 Private Alexander Rodgers 2nd Bn, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) 12921 Private G Rowlands 9th Bn, Welsh Regiment 4720 Rifleman C J Rumble 6th Bn, London Regiment (City of London Rifles) 5640 Private W G Sargood 1st Bn, Royal Fusiliers 12459 Private Charles Saunders “C” Sqdn, 5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales’s) 2651 Private A Savage 1st/6th Bn, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 6440 Private W Scarlett 1st (Royal) Dragoons 9603 Private G A Sennett 5th Bn, Connaught Rangers 9425 Lance Serjeant James Sharp 1st Bn, Seaforth Highlanders 6390 Private Charles Smith 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) 22497 Private Harold Smith 12th Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers 17326 Private Richard Smith 7th Bn, Northamptonshire Regiment 17369 Private S Telford 11th Bn, Border Regiment 14190 Company Quartermaster Serjeant J Try 8th Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment R/6535 Lance Corporal F Turner 7th Bn, King’s Royal Rifle Corps Second Lieutenant Leslie Kinloch Tweedie “C” Bty, 72nd Bde, Royal Field Artillery 50406 Bombardier G Unger “B” Bty, 98th Bde, Royal Field Artillery 2690 Private J E V Wells 20th Bn, London Regiment Second Lieutenant Donald Gurney Whatmoor 7th Bn, Bedfordshire Regiment 9243 Corporal Charles White 12th Bn, Highland Light Infantry 82710 Sapper H Williams 174th Field Coy, Royal Engineers 16104 Rifleman A Wilson 9th Bn, Royal Irish Rifles 7705 Private William Frank Young 2nd Bn, Dorsetshire Regiment
The potted biography of Lieutenant Devenish is taken from volume 4 of De Ruvigny’s Roll of Honour.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

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The importance of regimental numbers in military research

This is a well-worn topic on this blog but it doesn’t harm to go over the basics again once in a while. And before I forget, the image above is borrowed from the Postcards of Cornwall[1] website and shows men from Section 4, A Company, 10th DCLI photographed in 1915.

The reason I began my study of regimental numbers in the first place was that for many of the men I was researching at the time, a regimental number on a medal card / medal roll was all I had. Knowing how particular the army was I felt sure that there must have been a system in place when it came to issuing regimental numbers and that if I could crack the code, a man’s regimental number could tell me quite a bit.

Over the years I have built a database of men with known enlistment and/or transfer dates and the regimental numbers they were issued with. I did this for the majority of all infantry of the line battalions and for all other corps except the Army service Corps and Labour Corps. My study embraced all branches of the army: regular, militia, special reserve, extra reserve, Volunteer Force (partial), Territorial Force, Yeomanry and New Army (from 1914). I have published a fraction of this research on this blog.

So here’s an example of what I mean. The eight names listed above are the first eight results you get if you run a blank search of “Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry” on Ancestry’s medal index card collection. The DCLI appears to be one of the worst affected regiments when it comes to surviving documents from 1914-1918 and so understanding when numbers were issued for this regiment becomes particularly important. Here’s what I make of the numbers:

36689 Percival H Abbiss
Some papers survive in WO 363 but documents dealing with his transfer to DCLI do not survive. From my database, 36689 dates to October 1917

38115 Albert E Abbott
No service record survives. The number dates to late November 1917.

5288/201891 Albert S Abbott
No service record survives. The six-digit number marks this man as a member of the 4th (Territorial Force) Battalion. Papers survive in WO 364 and show that this man enlisted in April 1916, although he had attested earlier, in December 1915, under the Derby Scheme. My army service numbers database also identifies patterns of Derby Scheme enlistments.

6326 Alfred Abbott
Some papers survive in WO 364 which show that this man was discharged from The Norfolk Regiment in June 1917. The papers show that this man enlisted in 1891 and again in October 1914. The 1891 enlistment cannot have been when he was issued with the number 6326 and therefore this number must have been issued in October 1914. The only battalion that this can have been was the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion.

676/240010 Arthur W Abbott
No service record survives. The six-digit number marks this man as a member of the 5th (TF) Battalion and an enlistment date of June 1908. This man was probably an original member of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion which pre-dated the 5th (TF) Battalion. By the time he was issued with his new six-digit number in 1917, he was the 10th longest serving man in the battalion.

28818 Fred Abbott
No service record survives. The number dates to September 1916.

23049 George Abbott
No service record survives. The number dates to August 1915.

27960 George Abbott
No service record survives. The number dates to May 1916.

So there you have it in a simple blog post: eight good reasons why regimental numbers are important.

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