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NOTICE OF REGIMENTAL AMALGAMATION 5 th JULY 2012 MAJOR GENERAL J H T SHORT CB OBE COLONEL 9 th /12 th ROYAL LANCERS (PRINCE OF WALES S) Gentlemen, By now you will have heard or read of the Secretary of State s announcement that under plans for Future Force 2020, the Regiment is to be amalgamated with the Queen s Royal Lancers (QRL). The most important issue to me now and into the future will be to ensure that we care for our people. We do not yet know much of the important detail about how such an amalgamation will be facilitated, but that will come out in the fullness of time.

What I can assure you is that we will take every step necessary to launch the new Regiment manned and equipped to be a fitting successor to 9 th /12 th Royal Lancers. To that end, I have requested of CGS that, as one of the four RAC Regiments to be amalgamated, consideration is made to allocating the new Regiment the demanding Armoured Reconnaissance role as part of Future Force 2020. This would ensure we have the largest establishment, thus preserving the maximum number of currently serving officers and soldiers; and the Regiment will be equipped with Scout SV the new reconnaissance vehicle.

In discussions with QRL, it has been suggested that the new Regiment be called: The Royal Lancers; and between us and QRL, the underlying principle that will guide all the work on the amalgamation will be to seek to preserve all that is best and unique in both Regiments . Clearly any amalgamation will have an impact on the prospects of those currently serving but, whilst it will take some time for these details to emerge, rest assured that you will always have the full support of the Regiment, our Home Headquarters and our Charitable Association. We will also be maintaining our historic links with our recruiting areas and hence the importance of renewing those links through receiving the Freedoms of Leicester, Northampton and Chesterfield to join the existing Freedom of Derby.

The fact that these areas are contiguous with those of QRL is a further strength for the future.

Though we do not yet have a timeframe in which to set these future changes, we are working on the assumption that we will not move from Germany until after Op Herrick 19 and that we will celebrate our Tercentenary as the 9 th /12 th Royal Lancers.

Yours sincerely James Short

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