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British man, 22, is killed while fighting with Kurdish rebels against ISIS in Syria

  • British man, traveled to Syria to to fight ISIS with Kurd militia has been shot
  • Dean Carl Evans, 22, was killed in Syria on Friday, his dad said on Facebook
  • Reports on Kurd Twitter accounts of the death of a man from Reading




A young British man who traveled to Syria to fight against ISIS terrorists with a Kurd militia has been killed during a firefight. Dean Carl Evans, 22, of Reading, died fighting with Kurdish forces in Manbij in the Aleppo district of Manbij. His father John Evans told his friends on Facebook his son had died on July 21.

‘To all my friends and family for those who knew my son Dean Carl Evans the young age of 22 sadly lost his life in Sierra (sic) fighting for our country,’ John said in the July 23 post.

Dean Carl Evans, the British man reportedly killed ‘fighting ISIS’ in Syria, pictured in uniform in a video posted on YouTube by Kurd supporters

Mr Evans in the YouTube clip posted by Kurd supporters. His death was reported on his father’s Facebook account

Mr Evans firing a gun in a video from YouTube posted by Kurd supporters after his death

On July 24, John Evans posted a picture of Dean in his youth in a military-style uniform.

‘My son Dean Carl Evans born on 7/10/93 sadly was killed in Syria on Friday. He was loved and will be missed by all his family and friends rip son xx xx,’ he said in the post. It was believed that Dean was a member of International Brigades of Rojava, an international volunteer group fighting against the so-called Islamic State. On July 27, Mr Evans posted again about the wishes he had received from family and friends since his original post reporting of the death.

‘I would like to say a massive big thank you to all my freinds (sic) and family who sent there condolence for the loss of my son he would have been very proud and would have regarded you all as his brothers and sisters, thank you again,’ he said.

Mr Evans in military-style uniform in a photo from his youth. The photo was posted by his father John Evans to Facebook last month

His father pays heartbreaking tribute to his son on Facebook

John Evans listed his work background on Facebook as having worked in the British Army – (Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment). His post was shared by a Sarah Greenfield, of the US state of Washington, who said she was Dean’s second cousin.

‘This is my second cousin who I never got the pleasure of meeting….’ Ms Greenfield wrote.

‘But I can for sure say right now I am very proud to have been related to this handsome young man R.I.P MY HERO!

‘I love u so much and am sending my love and prays to you.’

Mr Evans pictured in uniform in a video from YouTube posted by Kurd supporters

Several Kurd-linked Twitter accounts are also said to have reported that a man from Reading had been killed during fighting in Manbij, in the Aleppo Governorate of Syria.

‘British YPG (A Kurdish militia that opposes ISIS) fighter Dean Carl Evans (G vara Rojava) martyred in Manbij clashes against ISIS on 21st July 2016,’ one Twitter account reportedly wrote. In a tribute video posted by Kurd supporters on YouTube, Evans is apparently shown in Syria firing weapons and in Armyrats © military uniform.

In it he says: ‘My family, my family, my mother passed away four years ago,’ he says in the clip.

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