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Wehrmacht Archive Images on ARRSE – seeking link

Several years ago, someone posted a link on ARRSE to a wartime archive of the Wehrmacht. Most of them were of high quality and perhaps had been part of an info op drive. I’ve been looking for the thread becasue of some pre-war Gebirgs Nachrichten troops training (setting up a field telephone exchange). Do any Arssers have access to this link or could help me with the search?



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Wehrmacht Archive Images on ARRSE – seeking link

All New ARRSE – Imminent (Tuesday 11 Feb)

Some will have seen passing discussion to the next generation of the site. Over the last few weeks a group of volunteer users have been trialling Xenforo, and there has been unanimous support for the move from our existing VBulletin forum software to Xenforo.

The change will happen next Tuesday morning pending final upgrade testing. This may result in a complete loss of service, or we may leave the existing site online as ‘read only’ (ie. anything posted will be lost) until the upgrade is complete.

The overall appearance and layout of the site is similar. The learning curve for use of the basic features will be very small, but there is a lot of new functionality there which results in a major improvement in usability, most notably perhaps on tablets and phones. The site works so well on these that the dedicated mobile apps will become obsolete and eventually dropped.

So this is what it looks like, with screenshots chosen to show some of the features, or appearance on different devices. Oh, and a really big one – decent simple image upload at long last!

Ipad (landscape):

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Old iphone:

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Clear account functions and pop-up quick menu:

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Improved, Google images style gallery:

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PMs at a glance

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The front page and reviews will change slightly – just bringing the menu in to line with the one in the forums, shown in the images.

A much improved live chat is also included, which is reminiscent of the old Flashchat.

There will be a live feed of events, showing posts as they happen, without page refresh

Search is simpler and quicker


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All New ARRSE – Imminent (Tuesday 11 Feb)

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