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What is the most sick and offensive thing you can remember

Wow that is so shocking and Offensive, I’m shocked and offended.



Back in the day me and this “lad” I knew were out on the lash in Aldershot.

My mate hadn’t long been back from Thailand after getting his cock turned inside out by some gook doctor, so I thought I’d offer him some moral support and dress up as a lady also.

Anyhow, it’s late o’clock, and we’re on out way back to his grot for some more beers and some arm wrestling when we spot these 2 ugly cunts in the park having some scran.

John (now Joanne) fancied trying out “his” new minge so she bowls over and chats them up. 10 mins later we’re all back at “his” place.

For a giggle I’m noshing off this young para lad, and “Joanne” is firing into his mate. His mate pulls out Joannes tampax that was stuffed up him to help with the bleeding stitches.

Oh….how we laughed in the morning.

Whatd your favourit german beer

Sam Schmidts.

Nearly all the dark beers only been over there two days and too many to sample, didn’t taste a bad one

Got to be Bitburger – but while I was based in Germany Herforder was the one !

Many happy memories of the yellow handbags !

Plzen. Oh wait…

Yellow handbags for me, pils or export.

DAB for me – I remember about half of the brewery tour …

Schultheiss (sp?)

Either Dortmunder Kronen or Dortmunder Ritter Pils for me.